Licensing and Accreditions

All the necessary licensing, accreditation and insurance, providing layers of systematic assurance over a solid grounding of experience gained since 1994.

Venture On has been a Licenced Provider since the introduction of the scheme in 1996. Licence renewal comes around every 2 years and requires an inspeciton of activites and documents of and a review or our proceedures. Each two yearly inspection has resulted in a top class review outcome reflecting our robust safety management and our dilligence to adhering to our proceedures. 

Adventure Activity Licencing Authority

Approved Activity Provider (AAP)

Venture On is a Duke of Edninburgh Approved Activity Provider (AAP). 

Achieving AAP status demonstrates that our traininig material and methodology complies with the standards required of the Duke of Edniunburgh Award Scheme.

This is an essential accredition for participants to validate their completed expeditions.

Our credentials

Venture On have been providing Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition Training since 1994.

As a consequence of decades of experience in outdoor activities, and with safety management experience from industry, our procedures are robust and effective. 

HSE Legislation does however ensure that an objective and independent assesment of procedures is carried out by the Adventure Activities Licencing Scheme. Any provider of activities for particpants under 18 years of age must have an AALA Licence.

In addition to safety management, quality control and compliance with the prescriptive scope of DofE, training is controlled via the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Approved Activity Provider Scheme (AAP) which is administered by Award Scheme Limited. 

Venture On is fully insured.