Venture On Operations

Innovative training locations

Navigation training on Kerrera, a small island a short ferry journey from the mainland near Oban

Intergrating our provision with client resources

Supporting and encouraging client staff to take a fully functional role in activities

Safety procedures

Making sure our young participants are safe and able to experience an appropriate level of challenge.

Our Expeditions

We aim to make the expedition experience as possitive as possible for the young people taking part.

Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Identifying fun and interesting places to visit for triaing and for expeditions.

  • Encouraging client staff, such as teachers, to undertake a full operational role in activities.

  • Making sure our particpants feel safe and are able to undertake a route which matches their physical ability so that they are not overchallanged. Little things like a supply of fresh water, amonst other logistical support, can make a big differance to the overall expedition experience.

  • Many of the routes we have developed over time have the option to be extended or curtailed. This allows us to stream groups to match the level of challenge with the group’s ability. We are therefore able to avoid over challenging participants and maintain enthusiasm within the group to progress to the next level. This also ensures that they get a positive experience in the outdoors.

Our Staff

  • Staff at Venture On are experienced professionals - all of whom are qualified to National Governing Body standards.

  • Typically, our staff are a generation older than Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DOE) expedition candidates. They come from a variety of full-time professional backgrounds ranging from: engineering; teaching; management; and full time freelancing activity leaders. This enables staff to provide a comprehensive instructional, mentoring, and guidance based experience for those taking part.